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High Conductivity Thermal Compound

High Conductivity Thermal Compound


5g syringes of premium quality high conductivity thermal compound.

With a thermal conductivity greater than > 5.15 w/m-k this compound is perfect for use with our range of premium high power LEDs as well as in numerous other high temperature applications such as CPU cooling and modifications.

This product is fully CE and RoHS compliant and provides a safe and highly effective solution to quickly issipate heat away from your components directly to a heat sink. The utilisation of a good quality high thermal conductive compound is essential to keep components cool, prolong their life and allow them to perform at optimal levels.

Each tube contains 5 grams of thermal compound that will suffice for the installation of around 20 x 1W / 3W LEDs with PCB directly onto a heat sink.

* Please note that this is a compound not a thermal glue. If you require thermal glue please view our separate pages for thermal glues.  


Specification Overview

Parameter  Value Units
Colour Grey -
Thermal Conductivity >5.15 W/m-K
Thermal Impedance  <0.004 °C-in²/W
Specific Gravity > 3.25 g/cm²
Viscosity 125000 -
Thixotropic Index 280±10 1/10mm
Moment Beared Temperature -50 - 340°C °C
Operation Temperature -30 - 280°C °C


Ingredient  Compositional Percentage
Silicone Compounds 10%
Carbon Compounds 45%
Metal Oxide Compounds 45%


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