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3W Full Spectrum PAR LED (Bridgelux 380-840nm) for PCB

3W Full Spectrum PAR LED (Bridgelux 380-840nm) for PCB -

Full Spectrum PAR Power LED for grow lights on a 20mm aluminium PCB star. This premium LED uses a 45 Mil Bridgelux BXCD45 base chip with a specially manufactured coating to create a spectrum that promotes photosynthetic responses in plants. This is achieved through the focus of power in the red and blue parts of the colour spectrum, producing a efficient multi-purpose grow light spectrum in a single chip.  

Built using only the finest 45 Mil Bridgelux chips, this premium LED boasts an impressive 130 lumens of light when driven at maximum power. However due to the superior specification and build quality of the components these LEDs retain an excellent level of efficiency even at higher drive currents. 

Please note that in order to attain optimal performance, efficiency and lifespan this component must be mounted onto an aluminium or copper heat sink with a thermal glue/compound between the rear of the PCB. Active fan cooling is highly recommended particularly at higher drive currents. 

Please note these LEDs are intended for mounting onto a PCB (printed circuit board) for correct operation. If you need to site these LED individually or need flexibility in your array,  we recommend viewing our LEDs that come pre-mounted onto aluminium star PCBs here.

If you require further information, please check the information below or feel free to contact us as any time and our UK staff will be happy to help. 


3W LED Par LED component Datasheet - Bridgelux 380-840nm




Spectral Power Distribution  

Full Spectrum 3W PAR High Power Bridgelux LED for grow lights plant growth aquariums


Electrical and Optical Characteristics at IF=600mA and Ta=25°C

Parameter  Symbol Min Typical  Max Units
Luminous Flux φv 120 ~ 130 lm
Wavelength λD 380 ~ 840 nm
Forward Voltage VF 3.0 3.2 3.6 v
Power Dissipation PD 2.1 2.24 2.52 W
View Angle 2θ1/2 ~ 120 ~ deg
Thermal Resistance Rθ J-B ~ 12 ~ °C/W

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Value  Unit
Forward Current If 700mA  mA
Junction Temperature Tj 115  °C
Operating Temperature Topr -40~+60 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~+100 °C
Reverse Voltage IR 50μA


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