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1W Ice White LED (Bridgelux 9000-15000k)

1W Bridgelux Super Cool White LED Components 9000-15000k

1W Ice White High Power LED for reflow soldering to printed circuit boards (PCB). This high quality LED uses a 45 Mil Bridgelux BXCE Base chip giving a very cool white light (9000 - 15000k) with a focus of power towards the blue wavelengths in the colour spectrum. 

Unquestionably the most popular colour temperature for marine aquatic applications, as well as being incredibly useful for vegetative horticultural lighting and general industrial/domestic lighting. Due to the high specification of the Bridgelux chips this versatile and powerful LED boasts an impressive 150 lumens when driven at maximum power, yet retains a high level of efficiency even at higher drive currents.

As with all high power LEDs this component must be mounted onto an aluminium or copper heat sink with a thermal glue/compound between the rear of the PCB used and the heat sink surface. This is crucial to attain optimal performance, efficiency and lifespan in any LED application.  Active fan cooling is highly recommended particularly at higher drive currents.  

For convenience the general electrical and optical characteristics are listed below. For full manufacturers' specification please consult the datasheet provided here.

If you require the full datasheet, please feel free to contact us as any time and our UK staff will be happy to help. 

* Please note LEDs are intended for mounting onto a PCB for correct operation and not directly to a heat sink. If you need to site these LED individually or directly onto a heat sink, please view our LEDs that come pre-mounted on aluminium star PCBs here.


Spectral Power Distribution  

1W 3W 10 cool white high power LED for lighting reef fish tanks and grow lights on PCB

Electrical and Optical Characteristics at IF=350mA and Ta=25°C

Parameter  Symbol Min Typical  Max Units
Luminous Flux φv 140 ~ 150 lm
Correlated Colour Temperature CCT 9000 ~ 15000 K
CRI Ra ~ > 70 ~ ~
Forward Voltage VF 2.8 ~ 3.4 V
Power Dissipation PD 0.98 ~ 1.19 W
View Angle 2θ1/2 ~ 120 ~ deg
Thermal Resistance Rθ J-B ~ 12 ~ °C/W

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Value  Unit
Forward Current If 350 mA
Junction Temperature Tj 115  °C
Operating Temperature Topr -40~+60 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg 0~+60 °C
ESD Sensitivity  ~ +/- 2,000 V HBM ~
Temperature Coefficient of voltage ~ -5 mV/ °C
DC Pulse Current(@ 1 KHz,10% duty cycle) IFP 1000 mA
Reverse Voltage VR No reverse operation


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