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Thermal Conductive Silicone Glue

Thermal Conductive Silicone Glue -

5g tubes of premium quality silicone thermal glue. 

With a thermal conductivity greater than > 0.975, this strong silicone based non-electrically conductive glue is perfect for use with our range of premium high power LEDs where the use of higher thermal conductive compounds is not possible/required. This glue is also suitable for other high temperature applications such as CPU cooling. 

This product is fully CE and RoHS compliant and provides a safe and affordable solution to dissipate heat away from your components directly to a heat sink. The utilisation of a good quality high thermal conductive compound is essential to keep components cool, prolong their life and allow them to perform at optimal levels.

Each tube contains 5 grams of thermal compound that will suffice for the installation of around 10 x 1W / 3W LEDs with PCB directly onto a heat sink.

* Please note that this is a glue not a thermal compound. If you require thermal compound please view our thermal compounds here.  


Specification Overview

Parameter  Value Units
Colour White -
Thermal Conductivity 0.975 W/m-K
Hardness 78±5 -
Specific Gravity > 2.3 g/cm²
Tensile Strength 2.1 Mpa
Dry Time 5-15 Mins
Elongation At Break 70 %
Shear Strength  1.8


Dielectric Strength 10


Operation Temperature -600 -200



Ingredient  Compositional Percentage
Crossing Agent 10%
Silicone Material 30%
Thermal Conductive Material  40%
Strength Fillers 20%


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