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90° Degree LED Lens

90° Degree LED Lens -

90° Waterclear PMMA push fit lens for high power LED beads (LED NOT INCLUDED).

This single piece lens provides a quick and convenient means to adjust the beam angle emitted from our LEDs beads without the need for glue or mechanical fixings. The perfect sizing of these lenses simply clip over the top of the bead housing providing a secure, solid fit whilst remaining entirely replaceable.These lenses are molded as a single piece and completely transparent, which allows for soft beam edges which helps prevent hot spots when mixing with other colours.

These lenses come in 1 - 50 packs sizes and a range of angles (15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 100°).

*Please note all our LED Beads come with a 120° lens included as part of the housing, so if you require this most popular angle no further lens purchase is required. Please also note that in using an additional lens there will be a slight loss in light output from any LED, so please consider this when planning your array. 


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