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2835 Bright Blue SMD LED (460-470nm) - 60mA

2835 Bright Blue SMD LED (460-470nm) - 60mA -

FE2835 SMD LED at a 460-470nm wavelength. Available directly as samples or as 4000pc reel. 

The FE2835W SMD series is 2.8m x 35mm high performance solid state semi-conductor light source geared towards high end lighting applications where colour consistency and high lumen output are essential.

As with all Future Eden products, these SMDs utilise the highest quality materials, strictest reliability testing and European Certificated ISO9001 assembly conditions. This product comes with a 3 year manufacturing warranty.

Sample orders are available here directly from the website. The production reel holds 4000s pcs (see datasheet for details).

If you require a complete reel contact us as any time and our UK staff will be happy to quote.  


Future Eden 2835 SMD red green blue cool warm white datasheet


Spectral Power Distribution  

1W Watt Blue high power LED with PCB for lighting reef tanks and vegetative grow lights

Electrical and Optical Characteristics at IF=60mA and Ta=25°C

Parameter  Symbol Min Typical  Max Units
Luminous Flux φv 4 ~ 5 lm
Wavelength λD 460 ~ 470 nm
Forward Voltage VF 2.8 ~ 3.4 V
Power Dissipation PD ~ 0.2 ~ W
View Angle 2θ1/2 ~ 60 ~ deg
Thermal Resistance Rθ J-B ~ 12 ~ °C/W

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Value  Unit
Forward Current If 60 mA
Junction Temperature Tj 115  °C
Operating Temperature Topr -40~+60 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg 0~+85 °C
ESD Sensitivity  ~ +/- 2,000 V HBM ~
Temperature Coefficient of voltage ~ -5 mV/ °C
DC Pulse Current(@ 1 KHz,10% duty cycle) IFP 1000 mA
Reverse Voltage VR No reverse operation


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