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3W RGB LED (Red, Green, Blue - EPILED)

3W RGB LED (Red, Green, Blue - EPILED) -

3W Red / Green/ Blue (RGB) high Luminance LED for mounting to PCB (printed circuit board). This high quality LED uses 3 x 42 Mil EPILED chips achieving individual colours of 620-630nm (red), 520-530nm (green) and 620-630nm (blue).

This LED houses 3 independent chips (controlled via three separate anode and cathode pins). Through this combination of chips, virtually any colour in the visible light spectrum can be achieved through a single component. Particularly helpful for creating subtle colour changes this LED this component has a multitude of applications particularly in bespoke architectural and stage lighting. 

As with all high power LEDs this component must be mounted onto an aluminium or copper heat sink with a thermal glue/compound between the rear of the PCB that is used. This is crucial to attaining optimal performance, efficiency and lifespan in any LED applications.  Active fan cooling is highly recommended, particularly at higher drive currents. 


3W RGB datasheet with PCB


If you require further information, please feel free to contact us as any time and our UK staff will be happy to help. 

* Please note these LEDs must be mounted onto a PCB for correct operation. If you need to site these LEDs directly to a heat sink, we recommend viewing our LEDs that come pre-mounted onto aluminium star PCBs here.


Spectral Power Distribution   

Electrical and Optical Characteristics at IF=350mA/400mA and Ta=25°C   

High Power LED RGB EPILED spec sheet - Future Eden UK


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